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Awesome Online Resources for Software Testing

Awesome Online Resources for Software Testing

Matrix Online Resources
I spend my working time testing web applications (web sites). If you do the same, you may find useful the online resources for software testing in this article. You can also check out my article for great browser extensions.

Virtual Machines

I sometimes need a virtual machine for reproducing a specific bug. Microsoft offers ready to download virtual machines. Your internet should be fast enough, because the biggest file I have downloaded from this URL was around 5 GB. I use VirtualBox for running the virtual machine image, after I have downloaded it. For Unix/Linux you can check the website There are images for both VirtualBox and VMWare. You will need to read the FAQ article for the default user credentials.

Random Data Generation

An example for online site for test data generation is I like that there are predefined test data fields, including names, cities, credit card numbers. You can also download the data easily as Excel file.

You can generate lorem ipsum or human readable text at

Random strings generator is available on

When you need random picture, you can take it from

You can also get placeholder images with width and height, specified by you, on

Text Operations

Simple text checker for differences is present on I like the way it highlights the differences. Do not use it for sensitive information.

You can encode and decode URLs on

If you need to quickly generate C# classes from JSON string, you could do it on has the most exhaustive collection of text manipulation tools I have seen. I mostly use the JSON code formatter. has also many online formatters, validators and converters.


HTML validator is available on You can use direct input for not publicly accessible pages. View page source, copy it, and then choose direct input and paste it. If you make too many requests, your IP could be temporarily blocked. I use it for additional verification for more important pages. For example, it is useful for finding not properly closed HTML tags.

Feed validator could be accessed on

Structured data JSON LD validators

Structured data is getting more and more important. is my favorite tool for testing structured data, but there are two more:


Google page speed insights service can show a score from 0 to 100, that ranks your website, both for desktop and mobile.

GTmetrix displays page speed, YSlow score, fully loaded time, page size, number of request and performance details.

Webpagetest allow you to select location and browser for testing. Has some nice visual reports and resources.

Pingdom offers free speed check with performance details.

Quick page speed and mobile friendliness test is offered on

Testing from other country (Proxy testing)

Before I start any proxy testing I first see my current IP address at or I check also my changed IP, after I use the proxy, so that I am sure I am testing IP in the correct country.

I like because of the predefined countries drop-down.

Mobile testing

Check out this excellent Appium based framework for testing Android and iOS native mobile apps. It is written by our great NativeScript colleagues.

Wonder what are the dimensions of the current device you test with? You can check it on

You can check the version of your browser here.


You are curious what technologies are used to build a website? You can see them on

Do you need a short-lived email? Get a temporary email address at

You could check the web archive of page that is interesting for you. Real time travel machine.


GTAC has Google Test Automation Conference resources for more than 10 years. There are many interesting videos.

Selenium Conf is one of the most famous, has useful videos too. Of course, the main topic is Selenium.

Jenkins World conference videos are available in YouTube, for 2017 check out this playlist.


I presented you my favorite online resources. What are yours? Why are they awesome? Feel free to comment.

Great Browser Extensions for Website Testing

Great Browser Extensions for Website Testing

ToolsIn this article I will present you more than 20 browser plugins that I find most useful for testing purposes. Most of them are Chrome extensions, the others are Firefox add-ons.

Visual Testing

Design Testing

You can use Window Resizer for testing responsiveness of a web page. Although it is easy to use, I prefer Chrome developer console for this purpose. This article explains shortly how you can do it, along with starting steps for several types of testing. I like the predefined dimensions with real devices names. You can use the developer toolbar even in incognito mode without additional setup, whereas to use other extensions you should first allow them to run in incognito mode through extensions options.

Chrome Dev Console Device Mode
Page Ruler is Chrome extension that allows you to measure elements on a web page.

PerfectPixel is Chrome and Firefox extension. Allows you to load picture as a layer and to compare it with your current web page. Useful when you test for pixel perfect implementation of design.

Colorzilla is Chrome and Firefox add-on for getting color from web page.

WhatFont is plugin for detecting the fonts used in a web page.

Grammarly for Chrome helps you test content and find spelling and grammar errors. You need to register, sometimes it slows your page, but it has a short learning curve.

Pushbullet is Chrome and Firefox extension for syncing data between devices. I use it when I test design of a page with long URL on different devices. I send the URL from my Chrome browser and then I receive the same URL on the mobile devices that I test on. Initial setup can be time-consuming as you should install Pushbullet application on all your devices, but it is worth it.


Grab Them All is a Firefox plugin, I make screenshots of multiple web pages with it. I am not aware of plugin with similar functionality for Chrome. Unfortunately Grab Them All plugin is not compatible with Firefox Quantum. Full Page Screen Capture captures full page screenshots, but does not have the feature I value most. Grab Them All the most awesome feature is that it accepts input file with URLs and name of directory where the screenshots will be saved. You can specify the dimensions for the screenshots. You can capture both the visible and the parts of the web page that are accessible via scrolling.

Grab Them All Firefox Plugin

To see the options menu, go to Firefox Add-ons.

Grab Them All Plugin Options

Click Options on the Grab Them All row and you will see the menu:

Grab Them All Plugin Options Menu

Jing is a desktop tool for making screenshots and short videos up to 5 minutes. You should make an account with if you want to share them.

Links Testing extensions

LinkClump is Chrome extension for opening multiple links. I like it because I don’t need to click every single link manually. Just draw a rectangle and the links in it are opened. Add-on with similar functionality for Firefox is Snap Links Plus.

I like Link Klipper for its ability to extract and export links from page.

Tab Snap Chrome extension would be helpful for you if you need to get all your open browser tabs URLs. Also if you want to copy URLs from your file and open them all.

Firefox Pinger add-on checks for broken links. It is available on right mouse click after the installation. Unfortunately it is not compatible with Firefox Quantum. You can use Check My Links as a substitute. Sometimes it is slow.

Ditto is a great desktop tool for storing your copied data, you can configure how many entries it could save. Think of it as an advanced clipboard. With Ditto the standard Ctrl+C for copying, Ctrl+V for pasting combination gains more power. You should configure it wisely and handle passwords copying carefully so that no passwords are left for hackers in your Ditto database.

SEO testing

SEOquake provides multiple metrics and improvement recommendations.

Performance testing

YSlow is plugin for performance testing. Has nice suggestions for speed improving and several graphics.

You can also use the developer console for testing, here is article with example for performance testing.

Proxy testing extensions

FreeMyBrowser is a plugin for testing, that hides your IP. You have to give your email address to use it. Has several predefined countries locations like Germany.

GeoProxy has a huge list of proxies all around the world. No registration is required.

Accessibility testing

Funkify is a great Chrome extension for accessibility testing, currently in beta. It allows you to experience the web browsing in the shoes of a person with different disabilities.

Other great plugins

Javascript Errors Notifier is Chrome extension. It allows you to see JavaScript errors without the need to look into developer console.

Relative XPath Helper and XPath Helper are useful when you need to test your XPath expressions. For more ways to test XPath expressions, please visit this page.

RSS Feed Reader for Chrome allows you to easily see updates from Atom and RSS feeds.

JSON Formatter makes JSON data easier to read in your Chrome browser. If you prefer, you can use an online JSON code beautifier.


I presented you more than 20 useful browser plugins, used for visual, performance, content and SEO testing. Have I missed your favorite plugin? Yes? Sorry, I have written only about the plugins I use most often. Feel free to include it in comments, along with the reason why it is awesome.

Happy testing!